Mike Speaks. Sabrina Speaks: Road Stories 

Mike Speaks: Steamer's First Tour

Steamer was the name of our band. We got the name from a character in the 1975 movie “Walking Tall Part 2”.  The character’s name was “Steamer Riley”. Steamer started in Kamloops, BC and became popular quickly. My next-door neighbor at the time used to put on dances and wanted to become a promoter so he got together with a couple of other guys he knew and bought a tour scheduled to travel across Canada. The tour was for a band called Steppenwolf.  My neighbor didn’t buy the…

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Thoughts on Life. Sabrina Speaks. Mike Speaks. Coming May 23rd, 2020 


We're happy to announce the 're-start' of the Sabrina and Mike Live blog. Mike and I have decided that we're both going to write something each week in the hopes of getting to know you better. This is exciting and new as MIke hasn't ever written anything for our blog in the past.  I'm stoked about this. Our first blog post will be May 23rd, 2020 so keep a look out. We'll be relasing a new post every Saturday morning. You can read the blog here on our website as well as on our facebook page -…

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Just Being Me is all I Need to Do 

This keeps coming up for me and just recently I’ve come to terms with it.  I kept feeling sorry for myself, believing that I was no one’s bright shining star potential with the ‘it’ quality.  I was not the favorite vocalist at the performance - not the audiences, not the promoters.  I was no one’s first pick for festivals, showcases, guest spots, etc.  No one HAD to go out to see me and I was no one’s priority artist and so on and so on. This theme kept repeating over and over. Basically, it kept…

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LIve Your Joy 

The holidays are such a great time of the year for me.  It seems that it can create kinder, more generous people.  It can turn takers into givers.  It can create more love in our world.  Of course, I know that this isn’t the whole picture.  In that respect, it is because of the those that are having a tough time that more of us have an opportunity to give a little to someone who just needs a bit of a hand.  This part of Christmas always makes me feel better about my role in this world. 

Subsequently, I’ve…

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Do you put yourself in handcuffs? 

As many of you know, I have had the pleasure of performing for all different age groups.  At my most recent performance, I was oddly drawn to one girl who was sitting way in the back.  She was quite pretty and quite tall.  She had a nice figure and was wearing an AMAZING pair of high heeled shoes – spiked and about 5 inches.  She was scowling. 

As the concert progressed, more and more of the audience began to ‘light-up’ and get excited about the music. You could see their spirits dancing throughout the…

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Just a funny story 

Today I was sitting here wading through the pile of applicants for the stage that I am filling and a funny story came to mind. 

It was my birthday.  I can't remember how old I was but it was before I went to university so I know that I was in my mid twenties somewhere.  Anyway, I was playing with a band called Lava Kazu and had decided that I what I wanted for my birthday was to play music at my own birthday party.  So, I rented a little hall (this was my first time organizing my own party) and went…

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Free your mind and the rest will follow... 

Loss.  I’ve been struggling with this concept.  It seems that loss comes as a lesson in many forms. How I’m experiencing it these days is that I find myself attached to the idea of an outcome and that outcome is no longer the way things will end up. 

I always considered myself to be a very flexible person. I never thought of myself as rigid but lately I have certainly noticed that when I get really attached to an idea, it’s hard to let it go. I mean, this isn’t all bad.  It means that I can see…

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Remember to feel gratitude 

What I seem to find the hardest in this business is learning to be happy for other people's successes.  It seems that every day, almost every hour, I'm faced with a post about something amazing that is happening for someone else.  It's always exciting news like 'my single is being played on commercial radio' or 'I've just been picked up by a management team' or 'we're on tour and will be performing at another sold out show.'  That is all really awesome news and I'd like my first reaction to be 'Wow!! Good

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One foggy day in hell 

I don't know why but the saying ‘It’ll be a foggy day in hell before that’ll happen’ popped into my head just after I opened the page to write today. I believe that there is no such thing as an accident so I typed it as the title.

So, what exactly does that saying mean?  I remember it being used a lot growing up and it seemed to imply that something would never happen... like 'hell' would never get foggy.  So, my question is "How do you know that hell never gets foggy?" 

The concept of hell is…

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Another day... and still pissed!! 

Hi all,

I woke up and I am still pissed off at the world.  A lot of spiritual types would condemn me for being angry and tell me that I'm being negative.  I don't agree.  Anger is one of the emotions that we feel to help us grow and learn so anger here I am. 

According to the course in miracles, anything that isn't love is fear. So, maybe the question is 'what am I afraid of?'  Well, I'm afraid of a lot of things.  A prominent fear that I have in the forefront of my mind these days is that…

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