Thinking about hosting a house concert for Sabrina and Mike?


Here’s how a house concert works:


1. You have a house, loft, studio or other private space that can comfortably and safely host 25-50 people. A place with a big living room, finished basement or other interior space is perfect.


2. We can do ticketing in one of two ways: [1] One way is for us to sell the tickets through our website. You direct people to a link we provide to purchase tickets in advance. [2] The second way is for you to gather a group of friends and colleagues that want to attend the house concert and look after the ticket sales yourself.


3. The ticket price should be between $20-$25 depending on location and day of the week.


4. We’ll create a Facebook event for each show so you can easily invite your friends and spread the word.


5. You don’t need any sort of sound system. We travel with our own sound system. We do need you to provide some kind of lighting whether that be a floor lamp, spot light or room light. We just need something to brighten the “stage” area and keep the rest of the room in a mellow light.


6. We ask people to arrive around 7:30pm. The shows start at 8:00pm and is usually over by 10:30pm. There will be two 45 minute sets of music with a break for refreshments. Time can be adjusted based on a variety of factors.


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