This page is full of downloadable pictures and posters. Also, our Technical Requirements document can be found here as well. Click the link beside each little photo to bring you to open the hi rez picture then right click on the hi rez photo and select "Save As" to save it to your hard drive.  If you have any trouble, contact me.



Sabrina Promo Picture 1

Sabrina Promo Picture 2

Sabrina Promo Picture 3

Promo Shot 4 Piece band



Blank Poster

Blank Poster 2

Technical Requirements

Sabrina and Mike Duo Shot





Promo shot of the 4 piece band

Photo by Britt Santos



Sabrina and Mike


Promo Shot of the Duo 

Photo by Britt Santos 2013

Sabrina and Mike Duo Picture








Promotional Picture 1 - Sabrina Weeks

Photo by Britt Santos







Promotional Picture 2 - Sabrina Weeks

Photo by Kent Wong





Promotional Picture 3 - Sabrina Weeks

Photo by Britt Santos





Blank Poster for Download

Blank Duo poster




Blank Duo Poster for Download

Blank Duo Poster





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