Dreaming and Creating: A Journey with Wayne Dyer

Today is the first day of my blog. My intention is to go through the book "Wishes Fulfilled" written by Wayne Dyer and blog about the book and how the new tools that I am learning about are affecting my life.  I have worked with the concepts of manifestation for a while now and there is no way to deny that what we think and feel deeply affects our lives. I see it in everything and everyone.  

I started working with these concepts through the introduction of the Breath Integration and Counseling Centre in Kamloops and when I started I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, had no day job and my singing career was very localized.  Since this point, all of this has changed.  I am cancer free, have full-time employment, and have received national accolades for my music.

So, how did this happen?  It is my pleasure to share my story.  Cancer was the catalyst that sparked a need for change and growth in me.  I immediately sought out my naturopath Steven Jones and we changed my diet and I started working with Vitamin C drips and a whole whack of supplements.  But I knew that I needed more.  Months prior, I was told of a woman who had had cancer as well and I knew in my heart that I needed to talk to her. I sought her out and it turns out that she had beat lymphoma and was now a certified breath integration practitioner.  I started ‘Breath Sessions” with practitioner Lori Pututo.  Almost immediately, my life started to change.  While going through my cancer treatments, I was supported like I had never been supported before. Now, don’t get me wrong, Chemotherapy was certainly no picnic. It fact it almost killed me (literally) but I’ll talk about that at a later date. But, I was loved through the treatments and I was learning to better receive love.  This was a big one for me.  Also, I was learning that “Thought is Creative.”  This concept is so much bigger than it sounds.  What it means to me is that we can create the life we want.  It takes work and it isn’t as simple as “I’ll close my eyes, wish for a donut, and there it will be in my hand.”  It is, however, absolutely possible to ‘feel’ your way into a happier life that is aligned with your greatest most powerful self.  Lori, as well as all the wonderful authors of the books that I was reading and the Breath Integration community, helped me see this.  After all my treatments were complete, I then took a six month personal development training through the centre, and again, I saw immediate changes in my life.  I learned so much about myself and learned to forgive myself and others. I literally felt lighter by the end.  Obviously, forgiveness is a lifelong journey, but I now have tools to use to heal myself. It was amazing and I recommend it to everyone.   

Anyway, I believe that we all have a purpose on this planet and deep down inside I believe that we all know what that purpose is.  I have known from birth that my purpose was to sing and spread my unique form of love with the world.  That is what music is, after all - pure love.  I have been afraid to take the leap, using my children or my bills as an excuse to chain myself to a day-job.  But I believe the time has come to fly.

I have three main intentions for my life: 1) to become healthy physically and spiritually 2) to leave my full-time employment and instead play music and live at the same level of comfort and 3) to find support for my 16 year old son while I am traveling.  Of course, I have no idea what the outcome of these intentions look like but I am excited to begin the process.  This part of my journey starts today, so wish me luck and feel free to comment and let me know how you’re doing. :)