Got My Eye On You

Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce

It's a stew of bouncing boogie blues blended with the best in little-big-band-swing, red-hot musicality, lip-smaking tongue in cheek humour, and a pinch of naughty for flavour.

The time is finally here for the release of the much anticipated sequel to "Tales From Lenny's Diner," the CD that took the swing / blues world by storm. But, as awesome as their first release was, "Got My Eye on You" completely blows the panties off their previous recording. "Got My Eye on You" is a powerful collection of intricate melodies, witty lyricism, masterful musicianship, and, all in all, damn fine music. And Sabrina's voice... what can I say: It's a ménage à trios between Mae West, Koko Taylor and Doris Day writhing beneath black satin sheets. The first song is the title track. It's flirty, dirty and drives with an incessant, unstoppable groove. I actually played this song seven times before moving on. It seriously made me stand up and say "Oh My." Aside from the title track, there are three other stand out songs for me. First, "I'll Never Let You Go" is a witty tongue-in-cheek swing tune reminiscent of Fats Waller with a sexy twist. Second, "This Lady Sings the Blues" is a magnificent piece of music. It has it all: passionate, sexy, heart-felt vocals, inspired muted trumpet noodling, locked and loaded, throw me on the bed bass and drum caressing, and the guitar... Oh MY!! It seriously got me juicy and ready to roll. My third favorite was "Forgive Me." This is a beautiful gospel style ballad. I literally wept when I heard this. It spoke to me in a very deep way. Those were my favorites, but truthfully, the entire album is fantastic. Burn That Boogie has me tapping my toes. Crickets is a funky number with a phat groove, amazing... Swing Cat Bounce is a cabaret style tune that took me back to an old saloon and had me envisioning Ms. Weeks sprawled out of a piano, oh so hot...but I digress. Sunday is a boogie tune with amazing piano. Mr. Regret made me giggle and take inventory on my past relationships. Moving Forward has a sweet Motown feel. I recommend this album to anyone who likes real music. Enjoy. The official release is March 2nd. You can get the CD on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon. Check out their website at

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