November Newsletter

Hi there sweet friends,

Sabrina and group Etta James Tribute Toronto. Photo by Mark Gormer.I'm excited to tell you that many great things are in the works for this month and forward into 2016.  I got a couple of great jobs.  Yes, you read right -  a COUPLE great jobs.  LOL!  They will both feed my soul in a positive way and allow me time to write music and perform.  I am feeling very blessed and excited. The old adage 'good things come to those who wait' is surely true. Sadly, I can't tell you what they are just yet but I will soon!! We are just finalizing a few things. 

Sabrina at the BrierAlso, I have some GREAT performance opportunities in 2016.  One offer is for a show here in the west and the other is for a show in the east.  I'll let you know when I have more details but I'm very stoked to perform in both shows. They will both be blues shows.  Blues is best and by far, my favorite genre. My love of blues is always renewed after a trip to Calgary to play at the Blues Can.  It's such a magical place.  Greg, Teena and staff are great hosts and the place has a really awesome loving, supportive vibe.  I always leave their thinking "why do I even play other genres when my heart lives firmly in blues?"  I am blessed.

Big News

So, big news - This weekend - both Friday and Saturday, we are performing at the Cascades Casino on the main stage. We start at 9pm and play to midnight.  Best of all, there is no cover. Please come. Joining Mike and I will be Ed Hilliard on drums and Neil Brun on bass. It's gonna be awesome. 

Video Blast

Here is a video that was recorded last summer.  We were playing with Jack Lavin.  The funny thing about this video is that I couldn't dance (or hardly move) because when I did, the wheels of te trailer would turn just a little bit and that would shake the stage. If it got rockin', Poor Ed, siting on the very edge of trailer,  would have likely fallen off.  This of course explains the funny face that he has in the video.  LOL!  

New Years Eve

Have you ever considered having live entertainment at your New Years Eve House Concert?  We would be perfect.  We offer a fun interactive show for your guests if that's what you'd like.  We can also offer a more low key ambient show that adds that beautiful live music undercurrent to make your party extra special.  Give me a call at 250-572-4427 or email me HERE to discuss.

Upcoming Dates


Cascades Casino Main Stage - November 6th / 7th. 9pm to midnight.

We are performing on the mainstage. No cover.


Chances Barside Lounge - November 13th. 7pm to 10pm. 

We are Performing as our rock/pop duo Ryan7.  No Cover.  Get there early to get a good seat. We have a bunch of new songs. 


Sunpeaks Fireman's Ball - November 21st. 

Full blues band with special guest Steve Soucy. This is gonna be a cooker. 

Tickets and Info HERE


The Vernon Jazz Club - November 28th

Full Blues band with special guest Steve Soucy.  Love to dance?  Great venue. Check it out. 

Tickets and info HERE


Well that is it for now. I hope that are having an amazing day.


Sabrina xx 




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