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Coming Up Next: Etta James in Ontario, Sunpeaks and Gold Bridge

I fly out to Ontario today to perform in two Etta James Tribute shows - one in Collingwood at the Gayety Theatre on Thursday and then one at Niagara on the Lake for the Truis Festival.  I am very excited to be part of these shows. I've been performing in these shows for quite some time now and the cast members are like family to me. It always feels like a bit of a reunion every time I return.  This time around I will be performing "At Last," "You Can Leave Your Hat On," "Breakin' Up Somebody's Home," and "Stormy Monday." I'm really looking forward to it. For this show, I am sharing the stage with my friends Chrystal Shawanda, Cheryl Lescom, Quisha Wint and Carolyn Fe. 

When I return, we are headed to Sun Peaks on Friday August 19th.  We play at 7pm.  This is going to be a great show as well.  Swing Cat Bounce kicks off the concert weekend. This performance is a special performance put together for all the folks that come up to Sunpeaks the day before the headliner arrives. It's going to be a street dance so come up to Sun Peaks, get a room and join in on the fun. The concert is free.

The next day, the Saturday, Mike and I are headed to Gold Bridge to play in the Bridge River Valley Summer Festival.  It'll be a dance and we start at 6pm. The last time we played up there was really awesome!! We had a great time. 

Summer Funny

We played a park concert in Vernon not too long ago. Mike and I were sitting in the park enjoying the other performances shaded by a beautiful, majestic tree.  We were lounging in our zero gravity chairs relaxing when "splat"  - Bird poop hit my arm, bouncing off me and hitting Mike's arm!! Gross!!!  I fussed over the grossness of it, got cleaned up and eventually settled back into my chair to continue watching the performances.  Not even an hour later, I was just minding my business, lounging, sipping Perrier and "Splat" another gross bird poop bomb hits me, this time in the chest.This was grosser yet.  I fussed and got cleaned up and then moved away from the tree. The next day, Mike and I were performing in Deka Lake at a Fishing Derby.  They had an $800 generator up for raffle. We bought 4 tickets as we almost always buy the raffle tickets to support the events that we play at. WE WON!!! The cool thing about this is that we needed a generator so that we could boondock AND I could still blow dry my hair. This is HUGE for me (Don't judge me. I'm willing to camp at a flying J or a Walmart but I NEED a blow dryer). 

The Lessons I learned:

1. There might some truth to the Chinese belief that getting pooped on by a bird is lucky.
2. Bird poop doesn't smell bad.
3. If you get pooped on my a bird once, move your damn chair or else he'll hit you again. ;)

Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce at the Enderby Arts Festival 2014
Flashback Post: Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce performing at the Enderby Arts Festival with the amazing Jack Lavin.
Well, that's it for now. Life is good. I'm happy.  I'm going to go pack for my trip!  Woot Woot!! 

Take Care,
Sabrina xoxo

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