June 2017 Newsletter


June is upon us and we are now living in the lake.  Everything that we own has now either been sold, put into storage or have become part of motorhome living.  The transition has been a little harder that I thought but I guess that goes without saying.  It's like somehow shuswap living was some romantic ideal that even though Mike and I are both educated people who carefully planned so many parts of this transition, there are things that we had forgotten to consider.  

December 2016 Newsletter



Random Thoughts: Merry Christmas

I am feeling very blessed this holiday season.  We've been performing like crazy for some of the most amazing audiences around.  I just LOVE to sing Christmas songs.  Most of them are just so beautiful.  I get lost in the arrangements and melody lines.  It really helps me get into the Christmas spirit.  Of course, the downside is that I have had no time to do any baking yet but maybe I don't need so much baking this year.  Maybe instead of gaining a billion pounds I'll lose some.  I know, I'm an optimist.  On another note, I actually sat across from someone at a party who looked like a Who.  You know, a person from Whoville?  And no, it wasn't a costume.  It was their face. LOL!  I felt like holding hands with everyone at my table to sing and sway.  :)  I hope that you don't think that I'm being mean.  It was just an observation :)  

November Newsletter :)



Random Thoughts: What a GREAT November

This month has been awesome.  As some of you know, I am not a fan of cold weather.  I am LOVING the very warm and mild fall that we've been having.  It was plus 21 just this week.  I mean WOW!!  I love it!!  So, what have you been up to?  I've been working lots and am still loving my job.  I love job coaching the best as I get to work one on one with people, helping them learn the job.  It's the best part of my job.  We've also been playing a lot - at least every weekend and I am so so so grateful for the gigs coming in.

October Newsletter



Random Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving

It's been raining all day today. Etta DOES NOT like having to go outside when the weather is like this. LOL! She'll go outside but she scrunches up her little face and she rushes to get her business done. 


September Newsletter



Summer: What a Blurr!

So, it appears that fall is here but there are no signs of slowing down for us. Our summer was filled with many many amazing gigs.  Rain or shine, we performed.  What a ride.  Highlights for me were the shows in Ontario of course.  

August Newsletter


Coming Up Next: Etta James in Ontario, Sunpeaks and Gold Bridge

I fly out to Ontario today to perform in two Etta James Tribute shows - one in Collingwood at the Gayety Theatre on Thursday and then one at Niagara on the Lake for the Truis Festival.

July Newsletter



Coming Up Next: Blind Bay This Thursday

This Thursday - July 21st - Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce will be igniting the stage with some hot hot hot blues music.  Joining us on stage, will once again be the amazing Russel Jackson.  If you haven't heard him play, he's pretty freaking amazing.  He used to tour with BB King, you know? The music starts at 6:30pm.  More info is HERE


December Newsletter


Hi there lovelies,

I’m so excited that the Christmas season is here.  I love Christmas. I especially love giving gifts.  I’ve already completed my Christmas shopping.  Gift giving to me is that opportunity to spend some time thinking about your family and friends fondly, imagining all the things you’ve done together, trying to mine those memories for possible gifts.  It puts our loved ones in a positive light and I believe that it brings you closer, strengthening those bonds.  I love to surf the net or wander through stores with a particular person in mind and then I imagine their faces Christmas morning as they open the gift that I gave.  It fills my heart with love and this beautiful feeling lingers throughout my days.  I just love Christmas. 

November Newsletter

Hi there sweet friends,

Sabrina and group Etta James Tribute Toronto. Photo by Mark Gormer.I'm excited to tell you that many great things are in the works for this month and forward into 2016.  I got a couple of great jobs.  Yes, you read right -  a COUPLE great jobs.  LOL!  They will both feed my soul in a positive way and allow me time to write music and perform.  I am feeling very blessed and excited. The old adage 'good things come to those who wait' is surely true. Sadly, I can't tell you what they are just yet but I will soon!! We are just finalizing a few things.

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