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October 7th, 2017. 7pm


You can buy tickets three ways: 


1. Pay $25 at the door on the day of the event.



2. Purchase in advance by sending both an email and etransfer to sabrina@sabrinaweeks.com 


Advanced tickets are $20 each.  You can also buy advanced ticket combos that come with a CD for $35 or a CD and DVD for $45. When you send the email, please include your name and the number of advanced tickets and/or ticket combos that you have purchased. 


The CD and DVD will also be available at the event for $20 each. 




3. Buy your tickets using your Credit Card.


To buy tickets, please click the drop down arrow below to select your choice. 


There are three options: A. Ticket Only    B. Ticket plus a CD    C. Ticket plus a CD and DVD. Once you make your selection, you can edit item quantities in the shopping cart.  CDs and DVDs will also be for sale at the event for $20 each. 


Janine's House Concert Tickets



If you buy your tickets, CDs or DVDs in advance, just mention your name at the door.  We'll have everything ready for you.



Who are they?

Sabrina Weeks and Mike Hilliard are a high energy bouncing boogie blues duo hailing from British Columbia. Sabrina’s voice is a ménage à trois between Etta James, Fae West and Doris Day writhing beneath black satin sheets. Add Mike Hilliard who is by far one of the most underrated yet insanely talented guitar players in Canada and you have something exciting and fresh. When attending a Sabrina Weeks and Mike Hlliard performance, you laugh out loud, dance uncontrollably, sing along, loud and proud, and get lost in a series of unforgettable moments.


Their extensive touring and hard work has resulted in several accolades including:



  • Runner up for a 2014 Blewzy Award
  • Winner for 2011 Maple Blues Award - Best New Artist
  • Nominated for BCIMA Blues Album of the Year Award
  • Voted Pick to Click by Sirius/XM Radio
  • Charted in the Top Ten on the global blues RMR charts and ranked top 100 on the annual Roots Music Report.
  • Voted Top Ten by the Blues Underground Network.* Voted The Years Best CD by CFBX.
  • Voted Top 100 by Real Blues. 


“Sabrina Weeks and Mike Hilliard are a sizzling, scintillating, swinging, soulful duo who deliver a first-class show wherever they appear- original and fresh with a new twist to the blues and a dance beat that just won't quit. Their show is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and this gal can REALLY sing! Sabrina is a Canadian treasure in the making.”


Jack Lavin, Powder Blues


"Sabrina has more energy than that bunny in the battery commercials. She also has class, style, sass and smarts. When she sings, the whole damn room lights up. I could be in love..."


Richard Flohil, Publicist, Richard Flohil and Associate


“Sabrina can caress a ballad, shout a mean blues, and swing with the best of them. Sabrina's gift in using her exceptional voice includes the ability to make lyrics come alive. Hearing her is a beautiful experience.”


Barbara Barnes Sims, Sun Records, 1957—1960


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